30 years experience providing sound lights, video, stage, back-line and power for every kind of event imaginable: municipalities, festivals, sports, concerts, carnivals, corporate and private parties, fashion shows...

We have successfully supplied gear and engineering for an extensive list of events in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey Germany, Czech Republic, Macedonia Kosovo and France:
N.O.H.A. Tour, F.S.O.L. live in Athens Neon, Aurora, Mellow Music, Spirit Of Burgas, Artmospheric, Waha, Meadows In The Mountains,
Lakomune, Marvelous Island, Tunnel, Sunrise Events: Sunwaves, Marathon, Casino Sinaia, Mioritmic...


We can offer a full service of sound design, acoustics and soundproofing installation and fine tuning.

We have carried out installations in a number of venues in Bulgaria, noticeably Sin City, Plazma and Chervilo clubs, Playground franchise in Burgas, Varna and Sofia.



We follow up our installations with regular visits to the venues we equipped for integrity check/maintenance and (in some very rare occasion) to replace what needs to be.

Our service agreement extends the manufacturer warranty.

We also offer maintenance and repair of audio gear and professional cleaning service for vinyl records.



"I definitely recommend as a reliable trustworthy partner and subcontractor, providing an excellent quality product - Funktion One sound systems, alongside professionalism."

Alexis Kolarov - Production director for TV show "Predi Obed" at bTV Media Group EAD

"The best sound in the country, excellent work, reliable and friendly!"

Simeon Vasilev - SPM at Credo Bonum foundation; Director & Founder at GLAS Foundation and HUGE e-magazine

"Great job as always guys! We are really grateful for working together and delivering such an amazing sound experience for our friends from all over the world."
Sunwaves - SNRS Music RO

"Go to Sunwaves. It’s the best festival I’ve ever been to. The music was incredible and the quality of the sound (thanks again, guys) was just out of this world and puts most London parties to shame..."

Peggy Whitfield - MEOKO (

"What a night we experienced... 303' sound system was the best we ever had, ridiculously high sound quality, we never thought Funktion One could sound so good."

Rhythmatic - UK (

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